that mexican revenge

last night dan and i went out to dinner.  our celebration of his new-found freedom continued from that afternoon, and about a week before he told me that he really wanted some mexican food because it had been a while.  fine.  so i did my research and found a place with a GF menu and that's where we went.

oh if i had only known.

we went to adobo grill in old town.  we arrived for our 8pm reservation and had to crash through knitted masses of people populating the bar to find the hosts' desk, which was oddly located in the middle of the ground floor level and not by the door.  fine.  we were taken to our seats right away on the top floor (it appeared to me that the place was 3 levels) and we were seated at a little table by the far wall.  fine.  we like the quiet corner.

our waiter swung by and offered some guacamole and i asked for the GF jicama chips that were listed on the GF menu and a woman pulled the guac cart over and began to make it fresh table-side.  we ordered it spicy and it was so fresh that she was slicing open whole avocados and mashing them as she went.  better than fine.  she placed that on our table in a large lava-like bowl and our waiter swooped over and left our chips.  only mine weren't chips.  they were slices of actual raw jicama.  fine.  i was actually glad for it because our guac was so spicy, and they were somewhat cooling.  the guac was good.

i ordered the vegetable enchiladas which arrived as 4 little corn-tortilla wrapped cylindars filled with butternut squash and topped with mole verde and a drizzling of cotija cheese.  these were sitting aside a small lake of soupy black beans, which had a rather distinct meaty taste.  while the restaurant in no way listed this as a vegetarian item, i had mistakenly assumed that it was one.  so fine.  my bad.

the enchiladas were okay.  definitely not a crazy-craving, must-have-again sort of dish.  and they were also not gluten free.  unless i'm coming down with something else, and i don't believe that's the case, then adobo grill really screwed up on this one.  not too long after we ate and caught a cab home, i began to get that fist-in-the-diaphragm feeling.  then my stomach began to feel so full of air i'm sure i looked like i was 5 months expecting.  then there were the sharp, pointed, little pains.  and then a night without sleep.  

i am not fine.

that is why, after a late night up, i'm up again at 7am on a sunday.  i'm feeling a bit better, and since whatever this is seems to be passing, i'm convinced that i haven't suddenly succumbed to some virus, but rather to a mistake made by the place i ate dinner last night.  i know those symptoms all-too well to be fooled at this point.  and all i have to say is that they better not have ruined my super bowl plans for this evening.

i am not happy.  i am not listing their info below.  if you dare to go, everything you need can be found on their website.  i'm returning to the fetal position in my bed now.  

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Anonymous said...

Adobo has been fingered as a source for St Paul strain salmonella. Maybe you were one if its' early victims.