new news

hi all.

i haven't been posting as regularly as i'd like, and the reason for that is because i've been ankle-deep in research.  yes...  so i'll admit that a chicago-only database really isn't entirely too helpful and there's a whole state out there that extends beyond the loop and adjoining areas.  

my eyes have been opened.  i've extended my listings to include all of illinois.

my reviews will probably remain fairly localized to the greater chicago area, however i always welcome reader reviews, personal experience, and/or any opinions you may have on a restaurant, bakery or shop.  the more info we have, the better off we'll all be in the long run, so let's share and share alike.  awww.  how nice are we?

as the next fews days progress, i'll be adding more and more links to my sidebar with GF and gluterini-friendly places.  here's hoping my quest for one-stop info shopping will come just a little closer to reality.  now i'm off to the sidebar for some major linkage-updating.

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