quick and lazy update

hey folks. haven't updated in an eternity. inexcusable, i know. but i've got a very quick and very important restaurant i must share with you.

if you're in chicago, either visiting or or full-time, and you're up for a fabulous feast of a meal, you must must MUST go to Le Colonial. i've been twice now and can't believe how delicious the food is. during my first visit the waiter was by far and away the most knowledgeable person about a gluten allergy that i have ever ever ordered from. i trusted him completely... he had the entire menu and each of its ingredients 1,000% memorized (is that even possible??). i ate and enjoyed and never felt a single pang of gluten-pain.

some time had passed before i returned to this place of delectable eats, and i found that they have a printed gluten-free menu. it's not really for the guests' use, but it makes for a rather handy go-to for the wait staff. this time around, we didn't wind up with a GF genius like we had the first, but this guy pulled out the menu and all went smoothly. and it was SO GOOD.

i have to admit that there is a very definite downside, and it's that the GF list is extremely short. REALLY short. like 5 main course items short. and they didn't even have the tofu dish available anymore despite it being on the list. (time to UPDATE guys!!) but the remainder of the items were so ridiculously delish that i didn't even care. the only thing that bothered me was that there were no leftovers.

if you're looking to treat yourself at a place with fab food, great ambiance and great waitstaff/chefs, this is hands-down the place to do it. it is officially my fav local in all of chicago.

go for it. seriously. do it.

Le Colonial
937 N. Rush Street (cute part of town!)
Chicago IL 60611