eat for cheap-ish

this post is going to be rather short.  i plan for it to act more like reminder or a heads-up, if you will.  if it doesn't make much sense, please let this one go by.  i was hit full-force by a viral sledgehammer and high doses of cold meds render my brain useless.  

here's the bit:
feb 22-29

make your reservations now!  i mean right now.  i could barely get into a place and wound up with a 6pm time slot for that saturday night.

lunch is $21.95;  dinner is $31.95
both include a 3-course meal, without the price of beverages or gratuity

this is an awesome opportunity to check out that crazy expensive restaurant you've always wanted to go to, without having to wrangle all of the green to make it possible.  the participating restaurants are unknowns in terms of their acceptance towards gluterinis, so please make sure they are able to accommodate you before making a reservation, and/or check their online menus.  if you find something particularly friendly and tasty, please pass the word along to GF Chicago!

click the link above to see a list of restaurants and make a reservation online.
now it's back to the sofa and the fetal position, with a dog wedged neatly next to my belly.

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