gluterinis in the blue water


got a post from a very concerned chef...
the thai lobster soup and the french fries previously listed below are NOT GLUTEN FREE!
the first contains fish sauce (always avoid this one, gluterinis) and the second shares frying oil with the onion rings.

a very sincere THANKS for these corrections! we need people like you looking out for us from the inside, and it means the world! and in my opinion, despite the fact that the PR person made an error, knowing that there's a chef at the restaurant who really truly knows what they're doing when it comes to preparing GF food (and then goes out of their way to correct this blog!) makes the restaurant that much more appealing. now if there was only a way to ensure that we ate there on a night when you're working...


i've been emailing what i call the superlative restaurants -- those that have earned the title of "most popular" and "favorite" on resources like the zagat guide. not all (in fact, most) do not include GF options on their websites, and since it appears that you crazy chicagoians love them so much, i've decided that i need to do some digging of my own. first to reply was...

blue water grill. just got a response from them this morning. i had a feeling that they had some GF options up their sleeve... i had eaten there twice before, and just by using the common sense approach i managed to emerge unscathed. here's the list that i received from a very nice restaurant PR associate:


fresh main lobster maki roll with wasabi tobiko, grapefruit and guava gelee

toro scallion maki roll

ahi tuna carpaccio with pickled mushrooms, shaved parm and fried artichoke

steamed mediterranean muscles with green curry, coconut and cilantro


roasted diver scallops with celery apple puree, crisp serrano ham and sherry gastrique

panchetta wrapped tuna with white beans, tomato confit, arugula and warm lemon vinaigrette

australian black angus strip steak with NO parm fries, grilled asparagus and béarnaise sauce

there is also a note saying that all entrees can be prepared simply grilled with a choice of gluten-free sides. i don't know if all of their sides are gluten free, and i didn't get a list, so that's something to ask about.

i would recommend that you make your server away of your needs, despite the fact that you are now armed with this handy list. because certain menu items just so happen to not contain gluten, it doesn't mean that it's a gluten-aware kitchen, and cross contamination is always something to look out for. that being said, it always feels good to know that there's another definite option out there! especially when it's as delicious as blue water grill.

i am waiting on a few responses from other popular restaurants in the area, but if you have a place that you've always wanted to try or a favorite haunt and you're sick of ordering that one thing you know is safe -- write up a post. let me know. i'll send my feelers out and see what i can get back for you. like i always say: the more information we have the better off we all are, and we gluterinis have got to watch out for each other! couldn't do it without you guys~

520 north dearborn st
(at grand ave)

monday - friday 11:30am - 3pm

sunday 11:30am - 3pm

sunset (happy hour, maybe?)
monday - friday 3pm - 5pm
saturday 4pm - 5pm
sunday 3pm - 4pm

monday & tuesday 5pm - 10pm
wednesday & thursday 5pm - 11pm
friday & saturday 5pm - 12pm
sunday 4pm - 10pm

(outdoor cafe classes at 11pm on friday and saturday)


Daniela said...

STOP!!! NO!!!

The Thai Lobster Soup is NOT gluten free! I am one of the cooks at Blue Water Grill and I know for a fact that is has Fish Sauce as an ingredient. And the Fish Sauce is NOT gluten free!

Please take the dish of this list!

French Fries are not gluten free either since they get fried in the same oil as Onion Rings.

Daniela said...

Thanks for the Update! I have celiac myself and I always read the recipes before I eat or recommend what to eat at Blue Water Grill