chocolate chunk celebration

oh joy of joys.  i have my boyfriend back. 

for the past few months, he has been the most hard-working, self-disciplined person i've ever seen, and if i had other hyphenated descriptions that i could think of right now i'd add those in as well.  he decided not too long ago that he wanted to go back to school and pursue life on the legal side of things.  so today, on this great big saturday in february, he took his LSATs.  and then, 6 hours later, he came home.

i could feel the weight in the room had been lifted.  he's standing taller.  things are lighter.  there is less to do now and more to look forward to.

this required some celebrating and a promise kept, so i tossed some dough i had ready and waiting into the oven.  

i baked him a fresh warm batch of pamela's incredible chocolate chunk cookies.  i am a master of baking the just add this and this mix to perfection.  these are some of our favorites.  mmm.

you would never know in a million years that these are GF, so bring them to a party.  make them for your friends.  bake your significant other a treat to celebrate, or for no reason at all.  i promise you that they will love them as much as you do.

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