i dig it

lovin' the look and the images on the packaging and site.  they're so brownie-like.  dark.  baked and little gooey.  you can feel the cake-iness in your eyes when you look at the slightly off drawings.  it's warm.  rich.  i'm into it.

this place makes brownies that are gluten free, sugar free, protein-full and without any refined flours.  they're made to promote stable blood sugar levels and satiate that chocolate appetite with all of the protein.  there are 4 flavors:  an intense dark chocolate made with real cocoa, orange chocolate, mint chocolate (a personal fav), and good ol' fashioned fudge walnut.  i'd say there's something for everyone there... unless they don't like brownies.  what?  no way.  there's something for everyone there.

i don't know if they're available in stores, but you can place an order for them on the website.  i'll keep an eye out at places like whole foods though, just in case.  if anyone's found one/tasted one/snuck up behind one let us know!

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