taggerific. sort of.

i had no idea that you could tag someone over the internet.  sure, facebook.com provides options to slap, trip, hug and throw a sheep at someone, but tag?  no no.  and yet, i find myself after having been got.

like everything in life, there are rules.  and like most rules, i plan to bend these a little.  
the rule of 7:  
1.  i must link the tagger to my blog and list the rules;
2. i must share 7 weird bits about myself (i am a strange person.  this should not be hard.)
3. 7 new bloggerites must be tagged and must be made aware with a comment in their blog.

thanks to simply... gluten free i am sporting a red hand print from an unexpected tagging.  and now i must oblige and continue.

why i am strange, as if you needed convincing:

1.  i am wholly, completely, and utterly terrified of drains.  they are horrible and disgusting little things and if i never have to be near one again it would be too soon.  who the hell thought a disposal was a good idea?  putting knives in a drain??  what is wrong with you?!  i almost fall to the ground if a spoon gets swallowed up by your wretched, gaping, toothy hole.  i can't watch scenes in movies or tv shows where they are soaking in a tub, because that is probably my biggest fear in life -- being forced to take a bath.  you're sharing soaking water with that drain!!!  i have goose-bumps writing about it.  shudder.  showering with that blasted thing is bad enough.  

2.  while i am not an army brat, i have lived in 15 different homes, in 3 countries and 5 US states.  

3.  i was born in hong kong.

4  i tasted my dog's milkbone treat when i was little.  it wasn't bad.

5.  i wore braces, head gear, bifocal glasses, and kept an inhaler on hand throughout my childhood.  i was so skinny that stockings would bunch around my knees.  now i have food allergies.  i'm probably the coolest person you've ever met.

6.  i am an artist, junior art director and part-time blogger.

7.  i had to repeat kindergarten because i would get so completely lost in my own imagination that i failed.  they tried to explain to me why but i wasn't listening.

now that i've got my 7 oddities down, i'm supposed to tag 7 others.  here's where i have an issue -- i am new to blogging and don't really have many blogging friends to tag.  so there will be less than 7 and i will be the weakest link.  sorry guys.

el fin.

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Naomi Devlin said...

That's a great post! I had to read the bit about drains out to my husband... You really do sound like the coolest person around, unless there's a drain nearby, when I guess you would be cowering with an anxious look on your face.

Carol tagged me too. I'll be back for more - great stuff!

x x x