i checked my email last night and what to my surprise...

there was a neat little message waiting for me from kari out, the company that makes those handy dandy little soy sauce packets that i've been drooling over.  they let me know that the product is available for consumer purchases, and i now have 3 websites that sell the sauce by the packet.  the prices vary significantly at each place, ranging from $0.67 per packet (what?  are they joking?) to $0.11 per sauce bomb.  since i don't want to pay to ship this stuff ever again, i'm going to order a whole bunch of the little guys in multiples of 12, since on the allergy grocer site you get 10% off for making their lives easier and saving them from having to break apart a 12-pack "case" of the stuff.  you can get about 100 on that site for less than 20-bucks, and that should last a while!  boy oh boy do these things sound fabulous as compared to those tipsy drippy bottles i usually haul along to my fav sushi spots!

retailer sites:

glutenfree.com: $0.59 per packet.  crazy!  but if you like their other GF products, what you save on shipping it all together might make up for the extra quarters spent.  maybe?

minimus.biz: $0.11 a piece.  a deal!  but they really aren't a GF retailer, so if you're just in for the sauce then it's a great place to get it.

allergy grocer:  my personal fav.  you can search for products based on a list of ingredients -- check the ones you want eliminated and they'll only show you the products that meat your criteria.  TONS of GF stuff available, and loads of goodies for those with even more limited diets.  the soy sauce packets go for $0.19 each, but there's a 10% discount (per packet) if you keep the 12-packs together.  

excuse me, it's time to place my order.

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