i am a bad bloggie

to say that i have been delinquent with this blog is an understatement.  sorry folks.  will a great big OOOPS! suffice?  no?  okay, then.  i understand.  

so i left my last post only 9 days before the big 10 mile race that the boy and i had been working our bums off for.  we ran it.  we survived.  i had my rear kicked by my fiance who completed his race in 1:31 - a 9:07 race time.  i carried said bruised rear over the finish line at 1:37 - a 9:45 pace.  ack!  we are very competitive with each other, but how am i supposed to keep up and PASS a 6-foot tall leg monster running a cool 40 seconds faster than me?  life is so not fair!

after that race we continued training for The Chicago Distance Classic half marathon.  being the total dorkus that i am i wound up getting tendinitis in my left knee, which pretty much dragged my training to a dreadful stand-still 8 weeks before this bad boy was set to take place.  Captain LongLegs over here actually made it to the big day, and busted out the 13+ miles in an hour and 56 minutes.  Not too shabby, huh?  I took his psycho puppy down to the finish line with me that afternoon, and while that critter tried to consume every half-chewed bagel that had been tossed to the ground I completely missed the runner as he took his valiant strides across the finish line.  After wandering with the gluten-hyped dog for an hour until I finally found him at home in the shower.  

so that's it in racing news for now.  some day i'll plan for another but for now i find myself just planning for another 7 months of winter here in chi-town.  eep!  not fair!  do morning runs on ice and now count as an extreme sport?

in other probably non-interesting news, the job hunt is still a job hunt and i remain a contract worker (work i am eternally grateful for) and i am waiting out this economy.  ha!  at this rate i'll be here forever!  little by little i am joined by my undergraduate classmates who are emerging from their graduate school cocoons to find that there are no jobs to be had for them either.  i mean, c'mon Workplace.  we're a hard-working, smart bunch!  what gives?  well, they're all welcome into my contract worker life raft in an attempt to stay afloat in the mean time.  

i hope they like gluten free food!

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Stacey said...

i just ran across your blog. my husband and i are planning a trip to chicago for a couple of days. what gluten-free restaurants would you recommend.