scrunchaliciousness in a box

holy crunchies.

do you see that?  huh?  do ya?  yeah, i know it's a little blurry.  but that encircled right there is the new "gluten free banner" that general mills is using on its products.  

and yes, it's on a box of rice chex.  good ol' grab it in the grocery store rice chex.  chex mix rice chex.  simply nutritious rice chex.  (?)  rebel against the malt ingredient rice chex!

i will be the first to admit that i enjoy the occasional check (is that singular?).  it's shape is oh-so forgiving when placed in milk... for about 2 minutes.  it's crunchy.  it's square and it has the visual appeal of fancy pantsy lattice work.  it's like a snappy crunch pillow on my tongue.  and now this product of my youth has come back into focus.  another breakfast option, folks.  another breakfast option.

rebel against your usual morning meal!  

perhaps corn chex is next?  something about corn chex just had a little bit more... bite.  toastiness.  stand-up-to-milkiness.  i'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but perhaps the malt in the corn chex could also be swapped out for molasses?  you know... i'm just hinting here.  just hinting.  (corn chex!)

here's GM's press release, and brandweek's take on the whole thing.

okay.  the product update is done.  i'm sure i've lost all you readers as you sprint out the door and head towards your local grocery on foot, too impatient to find your car keys and wait for that darn ignition to catch.  eat that cereal for dinner.  do it.  you rebel you.

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