i'm going to break the rules a little bit here.  already.  

isn't that what rules are for?

i am writing about a place that i have not yet been.  but this allows me to bring up a very important topic for conversation: 
when was the last time you had one of those?  there's a magical place called swirlz cupcakes that's right here in chi-town.  why do i think this is so fabulous?  because they make GF cupcakes, of course!  (and reduced sugar ones, but not a combo of the two.)  what's more, is that they have a rotating schedule of flavors for ALL of their sweet little cakelets and that is inclusive of the the GF variety.  

i've been to places that sell GF bakery items, but there's always something lacking.  oh, i know what it is...  


it always seems to me like place X finds a decent recipe and then it sticks to its guns like its life is on the line.  never mind that customers inevitably get tired of the same old same old and start looking for another place to nosh.  weren't we once nomadic creatures?  by nature we get tired of things and our bodies crave variety and newness and differentness (sometimes webster's words are just not enough) and it's in the meeting of these desires that we feel full.  so, no.  no thanks.  i'll pass on that same-tasting dinner roll that i've had a billion times before.

this brings me back to swirlz and the wonderful world of mini cakes.  if you check out their flavor list, you'll see that they alternate their GF goodies.  yes!  someone that's willing to take a risk and try a new recipe!  how fabulous.  there are 6 different cupcakes to choose from and you can decide which to get simply by showing up to the place on that day.  did i mention how much i want to sink my chomps into a luscious chocolate grasshopper mint?  never before have i been confronted with cake options that extend beyond your chocolate/vanilla basics.  be still my heart.

holy cupcake, i think i love this place.

swirlz cupcakes
705 west belden 
chicago 60614

monday - saturday   10am - 7pm

PS:  the designer in me wants to say that i'm really digging their website design and cupcake logo.  nice job, folks.  oh, and did i mention that the name of the place is all in lower case letters?  yeah, i'm kind of into that.  plus i love the fact that their GF symbol is a cute bit of a swirl, and not a giant, menacing "GLUTEN FREE" or pen drawing of a wheat stalk with some form of "NO" symbol thrown on top.  

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Katie said...

Mmm, I wish I lived in Chicago so I could get one of those cupcakes! I will have to visit soon. Happy Blogging :-)